Labor / Process / Facility Optimization

Labor / Process / Facility Optimization


In many companies, processes are extremely complex, as they are not recognized and valued as internal services. This leads to inefficient processes, unclear areas of responsibility, and unnecessarily high levels of inventory, and lack of transparency when it comes to effective logistics costs and performance measurement.

Organizations that succeed in reaping the advantages of global market opportunities, in combination with a clever logistics concept, clearly possess a competitive advantage. They are faster, more efficient and more sustainable than their competitors.

CRAVENS CONSULTING supports you above all in the following areas:

Logistics strategy and vision: warehouse/ plant material flow concepts, benchmarking, WMS requirements, modernization, facility design: relocation, productivity improvement / process optimization & harmonization, storage optimization, interim management, de-bottlenecking solutions, solutions for delivery or quality issues.

Tools & enabling: on-site leadership coaching, daily management, lean warehouse tools, on-site training for lean warehousing